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Sublingual Kratom: Most Effective Technique to Enjoy Kratom?​

Sublingual Kratom is the most potent and fastest-acting administration technique available right now. Mucous membranes remove and absorb the alkaloids, which then send them straight into the blood.
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The Federal Kratom Consumer Protection Act was filed in both Houses of Congress. While it will need to be refiled next session, this creates massive momentum for consumer protection, and it shows the bureaucratic opponents of kratom that our community is committed to ensuring science dictates kratom policy.

Kratom-Pharmacology, Clinical Implications and Deep Review

The prevalence of kratom use appears to be increasing in Europe and North America, raising concerns for its possible development into a significant public health threat. The body of scientific literature concerning kratom is expanding, but has not yet sufficiently characterized the nature and extent of the potential risks posed by kratom.

Kratom Consumer Protection Act Passed: Colorado | Missouri

Despite an onslaught of anti-kratom attacks, last week the Colorado and Missouri Kratom Consumer Protection Acts (KCPA) were approved by their state legislators. At present, we expect both Governors will sign the legislation.

Kratom Tolerance

Kratom is available in various forms including powder, that can be consumed in various ways including, mixing it with food, drinks, or brewing tea. Some users go to the extent of mixing the organic product with other substances like alcohol. This often results in kratom tolerance in the long run.