Chief Kratom Liquid Shot 12 ml

110 reviews

Chief Kratom Liquid Shot 12 ml

110 reviews


100% Natural Mitragyna Speciosa

Product Description


Chief Kratom Liquid Extract

Chief Kratom company’s goal was to create a fun, safe, and inexpensive kratom extract that breaks the norm when it comes to today’s kratom extracts. What was the result? Chief Kratom!

  • Chief Kratom is a water-soluble Kratom Botanical Extract that has been processed utilizing a proprietary cold water extraction to preserve the maximum amount of alkaloids in a fully organic process.
  • Each bottle contains the same strength of 12ml extract with the same formula. The different labels are simply an aesthetic variant, and each bottle is filled with the same high-quality liquid extract.
  • All Natural, organics, pure extract.

Chief Kratom is tested for heavy metals, contaminates feces, and salmonella, Chief Kratom is a sterilized product for consumer safety.


Mitragyna Speciosa, Alkaloid 160mg, Mitragynine 77mg, 7-OH MIT 2mg, Distilled water, Vegetable glycerine, natual and artificial stabilizers, Malic acid, trace amount of alcohol from extraction process.

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110 reviews for Chief Kratom Liquid Shot 12 ml

Based on 110 reviews
  1. Sheila Roa

    I love my Chief kratom shots, I love the prices even more and the prompt delivery kratomlords offers. It’s an extremely reliable place to get your kratom from.

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  2. T. Pajar

    Chief kratom shots are a fairly safe bet if you want a low priced alternative to the opms shots. Half a bottle or less in any beverage is the way to go, it gives you a fair amount of energy without being overwhelming. I use it as a solid pre workout – miles ahead of what a Red Bull or 5 hour energy can do for you. Ordering was stupid easy, package was well packed and with adequate amount of care.

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  3. Alyssa B.

    Easy to grab a bottle of this kratom shot and go to work. I knock down a quarter or so with my coffee and this aligns me to execute a near perfect day. It’s slightly mellower than the other hyper powered shots and I like more of a balance, and this lands perfectly where I like my kratom shot to be.

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  4. Daisy Richart

    Quite a solid shot, space it out lest you build tolerance at which point it will not be as effective. Love the prices as well compared to it’s more expensive cousins.

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  5. Stefan Core

    Clean kratom shots. Chief kratom shots are moderate. They land somewhere between your K-Shots, Viva Zens and MIT45. Pricing is obviously pretty great compared to some others, and they definitely work for me without breaking the bank.

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  6. Carlo Weeks

    This is a rather tempered kratom shot. Not as intense as the other big name brands like opms but does the trick fairly well for me. The best thing about it is it really doesn’t break the bank at 10 bucks a pop. I down a bottle with my morning tear or coffee or simply chase it down with a shake. Works well. The folks at kratomlords have earned my business and trust. They run a good shop! Prompt with shipping and turnaround time.

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  7. Adrianna Cunningham

    My weekend kratom shot. Since liquid kratom shots build up tolerance, I limit these to one a week for that extra bit of kick that I sometimes need. Reliable customer service and company to boot, makes getting my kratom products a breeze.

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  8. Laura Promen

    One of the more solid kratom shots in the market at a very decent price point. It’s not a heavy hitter like the MIT45 or OPMS Gold shots but it does it’s job if you want something a little more mellow or balanced. I can recommend them to anyone looking for a moderately balanced shot that you want to use regularly.

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  9. Tom Barker

    These are more expensive at my local smoke shop so ordering from Kratom Lords is a good value. Product arrives well packed and promptly, makes my supply run hassle free indeed.

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  10. Julian

    This is a very reliable kratom shot. I like how it comes in a box of 20, MIT45 should do the same. Strong and sustained energy releases is what I get with these. Product ships fast to you and kratomlords has been a very reliable place for me to pick up products up from.

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