Chief Kratom Liquid Shot 12 ml

110 reviews

Chief Kratom Liquid Shot 12 ml

110 reviews


100% Natural Mitragyna Speciosa

Product Description


Chief Kratom Liquid Extract

Chief Kratom company’s goal was to create a fun, safe, and inexpensive kratom extract that breaks the norm when it comes to today’s kratom extracts. What was the result? Chief Kratom!

  • Chief Kratom is a water-soluble Kratom Botanical Extract that has been processed utilizing a proprietary cold water extraction to preserve the maximum amount of alkaloids in a fully organic process.
  • Each bottle contains the same strength of 12ml extract with the same formula. The different labels are simply an aesthetic variant, and each bottle is filled with the same high-quality liquid extract.
  • All Natural, organics, pure extract.

Chief Kratom is tested for heavy metals, contaminates feces, and salmonella, Chief Kratom is a sterilized product for consumer safety.


Mitragyna Speciosa, Alkaloid 160mg, Mitragynine 77mg, 7-OH MIT 2mg, Distilled water, Vegetable glycerine, natual and artificial stabilizers, Malic acid, trace amount of alcohol from extraction process.

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110 reviews for Chief Kratom Liquid Shot 12 ml

Based on 110 reviews
  1. Carolyne Trevors

    5/5, go easy on it because they are kratom extracts. I use it sparingly, maybe once a week in tandem with powders since I am wary of building a tolerance.

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  2. Chris Zobeck

    Top notch kratom shot backed by a wonderful team with terrific customer service. 10 stars to them, and I don’t say it lightly.

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  3. Karen Crawford

    Helps with my pain from my broken ankle.

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  4. Jeff Barhusdt

    This is a well made kratom shot, great in any situation where you require kratom. I generally don’t take shots unless I need to, I usually rely on tea or capsules but these are pretty great if you are on the go. Pricing is pretty nice and I love ordering from here.

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  5. Ginny Pea

    I highly recommend these. Perfect balance between effectiveness and price.

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  6. Stephen May

    This is a pretty solid extract, the pricing is great. Not as much as the opms shots and works just as well.

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  7. Anita Renskoff

    This is a fun kratom shot. Works as well as any other extract kratom shot that I have tried but these are the only ones that look cute :). Plus they come in a nice 20 unit box which lasts me quite a while! I reached out to customer service before ordering since I had some questions and they were a pleasure to talk to. They were very courteous, had a happy vibe and were super professional and quick putting together my order. Loved it!

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  8. Paul Stromberg

    This is for when you need your kratom heavy. Highly pure extract and a nice little treat on the weekends when you aren’t in the mood for powders of capsules.

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  9. L. Thompson

    Excellent little shots, in a fun packaging. I toss these on the weekends to celebrate saying good bye to a horrendous work week.

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  10. Reece Palter

    These shots make me feel special. And when I say good I mean happy, upbeat, and focused. Full of energy. Kratomlords offers superb customer service, I highly recommend them.

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