Chief Kratom Liquid Shot 12 ml

110 reviews

Chief Kratom Liquid Shot 12 ml

110 reviews


100% Natural Mitragyna Speciosa

Product Description


Chief Kratom Liquid Extract

Chief Kratom company’s goal was to create a fun, safe, and inexpensive kratom extract that breaks the norm when it comes to today’s kratom extracts. What was the result? Chief Kratom!

  • Chief Kratom is a water-soluble Kratom Botanical Extract that has been processed utilizing a proprietary cold water extraction to preserve the maximum amount of alkaloids in a fully organic process.
  • Each bottle contains the same strength of 12ml extract with the same formula. The different labels are simply an aesthetic variant, and each bottle is filled with the same high-quality liquid extract.
  • All Natural, organics, pure extract.

Chief Kratom is tested for heavy metals, contaminates feces, and salmonella, Chief Kratom is a sterilized product for consumer safety.


Mitragyna Speciosa, Alkaloid 160mg, Mitragynine 77mg, 7-OH MIT 2mg, Distilled water, Vegetable glycerine, natual and artificial stabilizers, Malic acid, trace amount of alcohol from extraction process.

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110 reviews for Chief Kratom Liquid Shot 12 ml

Based on 110 reviews
  1. Jonah

    This is the perfect kratom shot. It’s a good balance between quantity when you buy the box / price as well as kratom effects. It’s hard to believe a tiny little bottle packs the righ punch. It’s not as overwhelming as the famous opms shots so it’s just right for me.

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  2. Patrick

    Let’s get this out of the way. The customer service is great. I called in to figure out how long it would be before the kratom shots got to me. Spoke to a very engaging and pleasant guy who assured me they are quick out of the gate which turned out to be an understatement. Order ships within 30 minutes of placing it and reached me promptly in two days flat and I’m at the other end of the country. 5/5 for this.

    Chief kratom itself is decent. I like the fact that it’s a bit more easier to handle than opms shots. I’m not a big fan of kratom extracts since it’s known to up your tolerance fast (hence the 3/5) but you need it somedays when the pain is too intense. The trick is to spread it out and rotate out of it. Decent stuff, would definitely buy again.

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  3. Jane Small

    Excellent kratom shots for daily use. I love getting the whole box, 20 shots is perfect and lasts me atleast a month. It’s nice to score free shipping as well with the purchase. Kratomlords does a great job with priority delivery and I get my shipment in a day or two max. A good 5/5

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  4. M. Boyle

    This is a solid 5 star kratom shot. It’s easy to get lost in the world of opms shots given how good it is but for the price and balance of quality, chief kratom cannot be beat. It’s my new daily driver kratom shots and has done me good for over two months now. I like diluting it with grape juice or oj every morning for that little extra punch.

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  5. L. Price

    I will never be without KRATOM. These are my FAVORITE kratom shots ever. Good packing, high quality kratom shots that I can depend on, good price and above all reliable service shopping here. More than I can ask for.

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  6. Reuben

    These are wonderful kratom shots. I gave Chief kratom shots a try last year and I’ve made it a part of my weekly rotation with kratom powder. Works wonderfully well. Price to quality ratio is awesome.

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  7. Gary Gray

    Chief kratom is a deceptive little bottle containing a magical elixir. I am venturing into the world of kratom shots slowly coming from kratom capsules and the results were nothing short of astonishing. I’m not saying more, you have to find out for yourselves.

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  8. P. Robert

    Fine kratom shots. I decided to give these a try for now and switched over from opms shots and they work well. Price to effectiveness ratio is much better balanced which is sweet. Customer service is super good.

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  9. Felix

    100% recommendable. Terrific price point on chief kratom and accurate shipping / speedy customer service whenever I call in.

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  10. Sally H

    Chief kratom is all around excellent. Good bang for your buck coupled with top shelf customer service. This has been my go to place for all my kratom supplies for a year now. Keep it up!

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