Whole Herbs Red Vein Bali Kratom Capsules

97 reviews

Whole Herbs Red Vein Bali Kratom Capsules

97 reviews


Botanical Kratom Leaf Capsules

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Whole Herbs Kratom Capsules

  • Whole herbs has been producing premium all natural kratom products since 2015.
  • In their in house lab, performs a full array of lab testing for purity of product and safety of consumer to ensure no presence of chemicals, heavy metals, feces, adulterates, and pesticides. Whole Herbs also tests the alkaloid profiles for all kratom products to ensure the highest quality batch to batch.
  • The parent company of Whole Herbs Kratom donates to the AKA monthly.


Botanical Kratom Leaf Capsules, Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) Leaf – 600mg per capsule, (Mitragynine Content-1.3%) – 7.8mg per capsule, (7-OH-Mitragynine content – <0.045%)-<0.27mg per capsule, Gelatin Capsules. Capsules are used as carriers or containers for the Mitragyna Speciosa and to help facilitate the handling of raw powder.

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97 reviews for Whole Herbs Red Vein Bali Kratom Capsules

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  1. Jonas Novak

    A+++++. Trusty, Reliable, Gold Standard Red Bali Kratom in everyday.

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  2. Karen Lou

    I was on the hunt for something natural to assuage my aching feet at the end of a long and laborious day. One of my colleagues gave me a few pills of “Bali Kratom”, whatever that means. I tried it and wow. This hugs you tight and relaxes you to an extent that I haven’t felt before. Gone are all my aches and I get some of the best sleep which I missed out on for years. A little bit more research and I understand that Red Kratom, especially Red Bali or Red Maeng Da are perfect for those evenings where you need a total holistic wind down. I would recommend these 5/5 in a heartbeat.

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  3. Isaac A

    Top stuff. Red Bali Kratom takes a serious approach to my chronic lower back pain that’s been plaguing me for years. No nonsense kratom from a top shelf brand and the shades of difference it provides to the quality of my life is worth everything to me. Kratom Lords is one heck of a place to get your kratom from. Good people work there and they go the extra mile to take care of ya.

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  4. Brittany H.

    Whole Herbs unequivocally makes some mighty fine kratom. Bali kratom (specifically red kratom) is a real allrounder. Their maeng da is terrific for energy but since I use my kratom for sleep, Bali is the best there is. I’m not a fan of kratom powder in the least so kratom capsules are it for me.

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  5. Erick. P.

    The only solution that works for me after having to work in a farm all day long – Bali kratom to the rescue. I’ve tried quite a few brands of Bali Kratom and I simply keep coming back to Whole Herbs Capsules for more. It’s the perfect balance between quality, price and you get bang up good customer service with Kratom Lords. Checks all boxes for me.

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  6. Carol Manning

    The only brand / place I would get my Bali kratom from. This is such a high quality kratom and the only kratom that works for my sciatica. Getting older is not for sissies and kratom is a cheat code for giving you your quality of life back. There’s no other way to see it, period.

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  7. Amy Hagen

    I am a Bali kratom lover and have used it for the longest time. I used to get the powders which is slightly cheaper gram for gram but in the end I decided I just could not stomach the taste. Some can so you might want to try both to see which is the best fit for you. I’m glad Whole herbs makes capsules, it gives me what I need on the go without the dreadful taste of kratom powders.

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