Keep Kratom Legal – Sign the Petition

The AKA is once again requesting a meeting with the FDA Commissioner and wants Americans to get the truth; not the same bureaucratic policy and misinformation that has helped fuel the overdose crisis in America.

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The Antidepressant-Like and Analgesic Effects of Kratom

Kratom employed as a traditional medicine to improve mood and relieve pain, has shown increased use in Europe and North America. Here, the dose-dependent effects of a purified alkaloid kratom extract on neuronal oscillatory systems function, analgesia, and antidepressant-like behaviour were evaluated and kratom-induced changes in ΔFosB expression determined

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Kratom-Pharmacology, Clinical Implications and Deep Review

The prevalence of kratom use appears to be increasing in Europe and North America, raising concerns for its possible development into a significant public health threat. The body of scientific literature concerning kratom is expanding, but has not yet sufficiently characterized the nature and extent of the potential risks posed by kratom.

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Does Kratom Cause Weight Gain? – Kratom Effects

Some people have experienced different effects, including weight loss. However, there are also users who report that kratom may be making them gain weight. But, is this possible? Does kratom cause weight gain? We’ll explore this subject in this article.

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