Respiratory effects of oral mitragynine and oxycodone in a rodent model

A survey done in 2019 tallied that 15,600,244 people use kratom in the US, with 1,950 metric tons imported to the country every month.

So, what makes kratom special? Well, it’s being employed as a stimulant, mood enhancer, and pain-relieving agent. It comes from the Mitrogyna speciosa tree. The leaves are harvested after maturation and then processed into powders, capsules, extracts, or the raw leaves boiled to make tea.

Respiratory effects of oral mitragynine and oxycodone in a rodent model

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Long ago, traders wanted to preserve the leaves for export because they rot fast. They found that grinding them to a fine powder was the only way to preserve the chemical content. Users accustomed to the ‘toss n’ wash’ technique with the powder now find it better to consume kratom capsules. It, therefore, all comes down to personal preference and various other factors.

Why People Are Switching to Kratom Powder

1. Capsules are Better Tolerated

Kratom ingested in powder form has a bitter, unpleasant taste to many users. On the other hand, capsules have a gelatin coat that provides a cushion that prevents the user from feeling the after-taste.

2. Kratom Capsules are Safer

Capsules measure precise doses since they can only hold a certain amount of powder. New users who often have to start with low doses, gradually working their way up as they discover what is ideal for them, can manage this easily. Also, users are unlikely to experience an overdose or underdose because they only need to count the number of capsules they need.

3. Convenience

Capsules are easy to carry around for traveling or going to work. You can carry the exact dose you need, unlike taking chances with powder. They mainly come in handy if you’re busy or in a hurry.

4. Low Contamination Risk

Without high standards, users can accidentally contaminate powder with impurities such as paint, dust, bacteria, soap, etc. This is bound to have severe health implications in the future.

Users who prefer to pack their own powder, without top-notch packaging equipment or supervising staff, are likely to contaminate the powder. Moreover, while measuring your doses, the powder can blow over to children’s accessories, which can have unwanted effects when consumed.

5. A Better Experience

Kratom capsules come in two forms; extracts and regular capsules. The extracts are expensive because they are a lot more potent. This is because vendors work to isolate alkaloids like mitraphylline, mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, which make up the bulk of the active ingredients. They are then packaged in the capsules for a powerful hit.

6. Capsules are Inconspicuous

Kratom seems popular, but you will be surprised at how many people don’t know about it. They will ask questions, make judgmental faces and maybe even condemn you for taking subtances in public.

Capsules package a lot of things. These can be pharmaceutical substances, vitamins, supplements, etc. Masked by this, you don’t have to worry about your social reputation. Consequently, comfort will also enhance your experience.

7. Ease of Swallowing

The gelatin coat on the capsules is smooth and dissolves quickly upon contact with your stomach’s acid. You will still get the needed response as fast as you would with the powder but without the earthy taste of cannabis. This is because the capsules don’t have any flavor, and are also less likely to cause nausea.

8. Capsules Allow Exploration

How would Maeng Da Kratom feel when combined with the Red Bali kratom or any other mush-ups? You only need to experiment to find out. And the best way to go about it safely and smoothly is through capsules. This is because they already have pre-determined doses that you can easily collect your data from, making it easy to customize your own kratom experience.

9 Kratom Capsules are Reliable

The kratom powder is cheap, but it comes with the price of measuring your doses every time. However, most people don’t have the patience to do it, especially if they are busy. It is also highly possible to end up with unequal doses as you could spill your powder.

10. Save Time and Energy

Some people find it economical to package their own kratom capsules. However, filling up each kratom capsule with the powder can be tedious and time-consuming. Measuring the kratom powder with a scale creates a mess while trying to get it right is bound to delay and ruin your experience. This is what prepackaged capsules solve, and you get to save your time.


Kratom has been around for generations to provide energy and relief to many problems. This Southeast Asia plant has become popular even in the West. As you have seen, many users are now switching over to kratom capsules to ensure comfort and convenience.

The benefits of using kratom capsules amount to nothing if you don’t purchase your product from reputable online vendors or local stores. Please consult a licensed medical professional before consuming kratom and enjoy it responsibly.

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