The Best 4 Kratom Strains on the Market Today

Kratom is a plant that can be found in Southeast Asia, and it’s known for its soothing effects on mood and well-being. Kratom has been used for centuries by people of the region, but it is only recently that Western cultures have begun to take notice of this herb’s incredible potential.

The Best 4 Kratom Strains on the Market Today

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Nowadays, kratom products can be found in supermarkets and plant-based wellness shops, as well as online vendors that carry a wide variety of kratom products like powders, capsules, and gummies. If you are new to kratom, shopping for kratom products can feel a bit overwhelming due to the large variety of kratom-based items in the market. Not only is kratom available in different formats like capsules and powders, but these capsules and powders also come in different strains.

What Is a Kratom Strain?

In the simplest terms, a strain is a specific variety of kratom that comes from one plant. Kratom plants can be classified into three different varieties: red vein, green vein, white vein, and yellow vein (sometimes called gold vein.) Each of these varieties can be broken down further into different strains. Each strain has its own unique kratom benefits on the body and mind due to its alkaloid content and how these alkaloids interact with receptors in our systems. (Read: Kratom Strains Chart: A Guide to Kratom Strains and Their Effects)

What Are Alkaloids?

Like all living things, plants are made up of natural chemical compounds. Alkaloids are a special class of naturally occurring chemical compounds found in some plant animal species. They are abundant in certain plants such as poppies, coffee plants, and mitragyna speciosa, the tree from which kratom is derived.

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Even in tiny quantities, alkaloids can have strong physiological effects when ingested. Depending on the type of alkaloid and the concentration in a plant, the effects of alkaloids can range from increased energy and mood management to profound feelings of relaxation and better sleep.

Due to their powerful effects, alkaloids have been studied for decades by the scientific community, leading to the development of alkaloid-based products like coffee and more recently, kratom.

Kratom Alkaloids

Research suggests that kratom plants contain almost 30 different types of alkaloids. Out of all kratom alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are the two kratom plant chemicals in the kratom plant studied the most. They are, by far, the two most abundant kratom alkaloids and are largely responsible for the effects associated with kratom-based products.

But that doesn’t mean all varieties of the plant produce the same kratom effects.

Alkaloid content in kratom changes over time as the plant matures. Environmental conditions and cultivation practices also play a role in the balance of alkaloids. For instance, mitragynine levels are often higher when the plant is young, while 7-hydroxymitragynine levels tend to be considerably higher in more mature plants.

The gradual shift in the balance of alkaloids causes the veins of kratom leaves to change color, effectively producing a visible change in the plant’s appearance. This is how kratom is classified into the different color varieties mentioned earlier in this article.

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The Best Kratom Strains Available Today

Because every person has unique wellness needs and lifestyle preferences, it makes sense that there is no “best” strain of kratom for every person. Every individual reacts differently to the alkaloids present in different kratom strains, so it’s necessary to try several types before you can determine which one works best for your needs. However, if you need general guidance and recommendations, here are some of the most popular strains available for sale today:

Red Bali Kratom

This strain is obtained from red kratom leaves grown in Bali, Indonesia, known for its forested volcanic mountains and gorgeous beaches.

Red Bali Kratom is one of the most popular and well-liked choices for kratom users, thanks to its powerful, calming effects that help soothe the body and mind. If you are looking for deep feelings of relaxation and reduced tension throughout your body, Red Bali Kratom can be the perfect choice for you. (Read: Red Bali Kratom – Strain Information, Effects, & Review)

Green Maeng Da Kratom

Green kratom strains are popular due to their benefits for mood and mental wellness. Green Maeng Da kratom strains can be found in the forests of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, where conditions are perfect for these types of plants.

Due to its uplifting kratom effects, Green Maeng Da Kratom products are an excellent way to support a more positive mood and improve mental clarity. A perfect choice for people with busy routines who may need extra help unwinding after a long day. (Read: Maeng Da Kratom – Strain Effects, Dosage, & Reviews )

White Borneo Kratom

Products containing White Borneo extracts are made from white kratom trees grown on the island of Borneo. Located right on the equator, this tropical island is known for being the third-largest island in the world and home to one of the oldest rainforests where kratom trees are abundant.

White Borneo Kratom has become a popular option among users due to its ability to promote increased vigor and healthier energy levels. If you need help staying productive and motivated during the day, White Borneo capsules and powders can be a great alternative to sugary energy drinks.

Yellow Borneo Kratom

Like White Borneo, these strains are obtained from evergreen kratom trees grown in the ancient rainforests of Borneo. However, unlike White Borneo Kratom, this yellow strain is better known for having a more “balanced” alkaloid profile.

A perfect option for beginner users, Yellow Borneo, is considered one of the most well-rounded strains, as it can support various aspects of both physical and mental well-being. Despite its diverse range of wellness benefits, this strain is not widely available, and it’s only sold by a few vendors in the United States.

Where to Buy Kratom Strains

If you are ready to give kratom a try, you may find some kratom products at your local smoke shops or holistic stores. However, for more variety, it is highly recommended you order kratom online from reputable vendors who specialize in selling high-quality products and have excellent kratom reviews. At Kratom Lords, for example, you can find all the strains mentioned above in both powders and capsules. Buying kratom online may also help you save money, as online kratom products are often more affordable than those found in brick-and-mortar stores. Buy Kratom now, Check our coupons!


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