Law Protects Kratom Users
Oregon Kratom Consumer Protection Act

Gov. Kate Brown recently signed into law the Oregon Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Vital legislation for Oregon, the path for federal kratom regulations.

Oregon Kratom Consumer Protection Act

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Gov. Kate Brown recently signed into law the Oregon Kratom Consumer Protection Act, which took effect this month. This is vital legislation for Oregon and shapes the path for federal regulations of kratom, a popular herbal remedy, to keep all consumers safe.

As a member of Gov. Brown’s Opioid Task Force, I have learned how damaging opioids can be to individuals and their families. After years of scientific research showing that kratom is a significantly safer product than opioids and other drugs, many of us are relieved that Governor Brown has decided to take this step to protect Oregonians who rely on kratom. This passage marks a change in understanding why protecting and regulating kratom is so important.

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One of my closest friends uses kratom to relieve pain after she found opioids affected her ability to be a mother. Thousands of Oregonians use kratom for many health and wellness purposes, including to taper off opioid medications. Kratom is a $1.3 billion industry nationally, and countless business owners in Oregon will benefit from added regulations to ensure their products are safe and that their customers have continued access to safe products.

David Brock Smith, Port Orford
Brock Smith, a Republican, represents House District 1-Port Orford in the Oregon Legislature.


Oregon Kratom Consumer Protection Act

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