Kratom Vendors Association Announces Virtual Grand Opening

The Kratom Vendors Association (KVA) announced it has opened its virtual doors to offer its products and services specifically to kratom vendors in the United States. Founded by Stacey Lloyd in March 2022, the Kratom Vendors Association provides Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance support to kratom vendors doing business in the United States. KVA offers exclusive membership, standard operating procedures (SOPs), one-on-one GMP compliance support from GMP compliance specialists, GMP training courses, and a GMP Certification Program.

Kratom Vendors Association Announces Virtual Grand Opening

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"I began auditing kratom vendors for the American Kratom Association. During my experience working with kratom vendors, I found there was a critical need for compliance support. There currently isn't an organization that assists kratom vendors with becoming GMP compliant, so they have no place to turn for help. That's why I founded the Kratom Vendors Association. I want to assist kratom vendors with GMP compliance to ensure product quality and consumer safety. It is our mission," explained KVA Founder, Stacey Lloyd.

"We assist kratom vendors with GMP compliance to ensure product quality and consumer safety," explains Stacey Lloyd.

KVA has an advisory board comprised of world-renowned kratom researchers, Dr. Oliver Grundmann, Dr. Christopher McCurdy, and Dr. Charles Veltri; GMP Compliance Specialists, Sherry Strong, Blanca Padrino, Lisa Anthony, Ronald Hare, and Enrique Amoros Baez; GMP Training Developer, Gary Steele; kratom vendors, Sam Weber and Soren Shade of Top Tree Herbs, and Joey Levin from Super Speciosa; and kratom advocate, Melody Woolf.

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The GMP Compliance Specialists perform vendor audits and provide GMP assistance to kratom vendors. All KVA Advisors promote and support KVA and its mission to educate, assist and support kratom vendors to ensure product quality and consumer safety and for the purpose of strengthening, improving, and growing the association.

"Most kratom vendors want to be GMP compliant. They care about product quality and consumer safety. Those are the kratom vendors we want to help," states Stacey Lloyd.

About the Kratom Vendors Association

Founded in March 2022 by Stacey Lloyd, the Kratom Vendors Association (KVA) is a virtual organization whose mission is to provide GMP compliance support to vendors to ensure kratom product quality and consumer safety. KVA offers membership to the association, individual SOPs, SOP packages, GMP training, GMP consulting, and a GMP Certification Program to kratom vendors in the United States.



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