Will Kratom Hurt a Dog?

Lately, the western world is obsessed with the magic of kratom. Most people opt to take kratom for various health issues than over-the-counter substances.

Some users claim that the organic product has also helped their dogs in pain alleviation and fighting anxiety. This has led most dog owners in various online kratom communities to ask for the best kratom for dogs.

Will Kratom Hurt a Dog?

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Unfortunately, researchers have not concluded their study on kratom for dogs, therefore, we had to rely on most users who have administered the product to their dogs. If you are looking for the best kratom for dogs, you have to consider several factors such as the quality of the product, what you want to achieve with the product, and the right dosage for your dog.

However, most users claim that Bali, Maeng Da, and Indo kratom varieties are the best for dogs suffering from chronic pain, and anxiety. In this article, we have detailed more on the best kratom for dogs, and the benefits your canine friend will experience.

Since it has been administered to a variety of pets before, the answer is yes! However, there is little scientific proof to this given there is little research done about Kratom and dogs.

Those who have tried it with their pets and found it to be effective have done so because they are aware of its benefits. It’s also a natural remedy that some dog doctors recommend.

However, the dosage supplied to a dog must be carefully monitored, since high doses may have hazards and side effects.

The same with humans, it is recommended that you begin with low doses and gradually increase them. Kratom in this form can be used to estimate the amount of Kratom needed for a specific purpose. In addition, you should contact your veterinarian before administering Kratom to your dog, since it may interact with other medications.

Best Kratom for Dogs

Maeng Da Kratom

The Maeng Da Kratom makes the cut for our list of the top dog-friendly Kratom strains. A large number of people to assist their dogs to relax and alleviate pain uses the Kratom strain. When it comes to boosting your dog’s energy levels, Maeng Da Kratom is also an excellent choice.

Customer Reviews

Maeng Da Kratom was credited with saving the life of a Reddit user’s dog. The dog was suffering from hip dysplasia. He helped his dog’s hip dysplasia by giving him 1/8th of a tablespoon of Maeng Da Kratom strain. He continued to administer Kratom to the dog on a daily basis until the dog’s symptoms disappeared and he returned to his normal routine.

A different user claimed that the Maeng Da strain helped his dog’s energy levels and reduced his separation anxiety.

Bali Kratom for Dogs

Bali Kratom is an excellent choice if your dog is in pain and discomfort. This strain is well-known throughout the world and is known for its high alkaloid content. Pain in muscles or elsewhere in the body can be relieved by taking a small amount of Bali Kratom. You can’t see your dog or cat hurting, can you? Bali kratom can benefit your dog significantly in relieving pain.

The white Bali kratom strain is the most effective for relieving your dog’s stress and anxiety. It won’t take long for that excruciating discomfort to subside.

Reviews of Bali Kratom for Dogs

Dogs are known to suffer from arthritis. One dog owner claimed that he administered a few teaspoons of Bali kratom to his dog mixed with his breakfast. When he gave it to him for the third time, his beloved pooch was up and running.

Another user stated that the Bali strain relieved the arthritis symptoms of her 14-year-old black lab. A small amount of the Bali strain with peanut butter eased his excruciating discomfort.

Indo Kratom for Dog

Do you know that the Indo Kratom strain might be a mix of sedative and pain-relieving benefits for your dog? The Indo Kratom strain has a high alkaloid concentration for 7-Hydroxymitragynine, which has a rejuvenating effect. The pain-relieving properties of this alkaloid can be found in unexpected places. As an added bonus, it’s an all-natural sedative for your animal companion. Due to its lack of harmful properties, it can be used by anyone without fear of harming anything.

User Experience with Indo Kratom for Dogs

A user reported that her female dog was going nuts because she was on heat. A half-gram dose of Indo Kratom gave her a new lease on life.

Another user claimed that her 12-year-old border collie dog ate kratom capsules of the Indo strain of Kratom and found that it reduced the pain she had in her joints.

The Benefits of Kratom for Dogs

Kratom has many benefits for dogs. The following is a compilation of observations and first-hand accounts from most dog owners.

Long-Term Illness

As a dog ages, their joints become inflamed, making it difficult for them to walk. The effect would be chronic pains that would weaken and slow down their walk. However, with the help of Kratom, many people have been able to regain their strength and walk without experiencing any pain or discomfort. This is one of Kratom’s most notable advantages, and it comes with no unpleasant side effects.

Anti Anxiety Medicine

Anxiety is a psychological disorder that could provide so much distress to dogs. As an anti-anxiety medication, Kratom helps patients overcome such psychological situations with a smile. Dogs can experience anxiety, which may come as a surprise to you. When you visit the rescue center you will note that dogs’ restless behavior and weird craving for a return to normalcy. When the dogs take kratom even in a small dose, they will be able to relax and get comfortable with the environment.

When it comes to nutrition, diet is one of the most critical aspects to consider. When giving your pets Kratom, you do not have to worry about their hunger or appetite. Since Kratom compounds affect its appetite in an effective way, it won’t reject to eat anything. One dog owner claimed that when his dog refused to eat for a long period, he administered kratom and the lack of appetite never occurred again.

Kratom for Army dogs

A dog’s daily routine, a lot of energy is needed to keep them going. In addition to being an effective painkiller, Kratom is also a potent energy booster. Kratom can help your aged dogs regain their energy and go back to doing the things you want them to do, as long as you maintain providing it to them. With age, your body naturally loses its energy and becomes a little sluggish, but Kratom can help you see a noticeable improvement in their behavior.

Kratom for Dogs Can Also Help With Arthritis

Arthritis is a debilitating disease that will severely limit our ability to walk and carry out everyday tasks. As a pet owner, seeing your dog unable to walk, stand, or move normally would be quite upsetting. Kratom, being a well-known analgesic, has been shown to be useful in the treatment of various types of pain. One kratom user claimed that when his dog was suffering from arthritis, he used Kratom to alleviate its symptoms, and it worked.

You will watch your dog return to normalcy after suffering from pains and psychological traumas as a result of Kratom use. Your faces are sure to light up with joy at the prospect of receiving this gift.

Kratom Dosage for Dogs

It can take some time to find the optimum kratom dosage for your dog. Kratom dosage calculators are readily available online. Once you have tried it a few times, you’ll be able to find the proper dosage for you.

Your dog’s size and weight determine the dosage. For larger dogs, the dosage must be increased, and vice versa. For people, an effective dose ranges from 7 to 10 mg, so you can give your dog roughly a third of that. However, if you’re taking just one or two milligrams, that’s fine. Try Kratom and see if it’s better than any other medicine for your dog.

Do Veterinarians Have An Opinion On Kratom Use?

Experts in the field of veterinary medicine are divided about this new organic product. Most believe that caution is needed when administering this to dogs, as there hasn’t been enough research done to know what dosage is safe and beneficial, and if there are any long-term negative effects to consider.

Veterinarians are beginning to recognize that kratom provides similar benefits for animals, particularly those with painful arthritis or spinal problems, as well as other debilitating conditions like cancer.” Compared to traditional painkillers, Kratom appears to be a safer choice.

Is Kratom Addictive For Dogs?

Kratom has been demonstrated to be physically and psychologically addictive in several studies. As a result, if you suddenly stop providing your dog with the product, he may exhibit signs of addiction or withdrawal. If a dog is given kratom on a regular basis at a moderate to high dose, it is more likely to become dependent.

Kratom (7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine) withdrawal symptoms were observed in mice following a five-day treatment period.

Symptoms of kratom withdrawal include abdominal pain, diarrhea, sweating, and irritability in humans, just like other opioids.

Some mice developed tolerance to kratom’s pain-relieving properties over time, according to a recent study.

As a result, greater doses are required to maintain the same effects over time. This is bad news because as a dog’s demand for medication increases, so does the likelihood of negative side effects.

is kratom addictive for dogs?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kratom Safe For Dogs?

Unless your dog is already taking other meds, Kratom is completely safe for him to use. Before giving kratom to your dog, make sure to check with your veterinarian.

How Much Kratom Is Safe for a Large Dog to Take?

A trial and error approach is the best method to figure out how much kratom to give your dog if you don’t know how much to give him. You should only use a small dose at first to see if the dog reacts to it

How Effective Is Kratom for Pain Management in Dogs?

The quick relief from the discomfort that kratom can provide for your dog will allow him to resume his normal activities. In addition, it will help him feel more energized.

Is Kratom Safe for Dogs with Aggressive Disorders?

By activating the receptors in the brain that control aggression, kratom can help calm your dog.

Can Drug Dogs Smell Kratom?

With a little training, drug dogs can detect the scent of kratom, just like they can detect heroin and marijuana. Because they have a more acute sense of smell than us, they are masters of scent discrimination.

Final Thoughts

For those looking for an alternative to pharmaceutical medications or a more “natural” cure for a variety of ailments, for their dogs, Kratom is the best alternative.

It has proven to have powerful pain-relieving and anti-anxiety properties in animal research. Kratom, on the other hand, needs a lot more testing in dogs before it can be declared safe and effective.

Given the lack of standard dosage for canines, the wide range of side effects that could occur, and the risk for addiction and withdrawal symptoms, it is difficult to endorse this herbal therapy.

More research is needed to ensure that this promising therapy can be utilized in dogs without posing a risk to their health.

Using this herbal remedy on your dog should only be done after consulting your veterinarian and starting with the lowest possible dose.


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