Is it safe to combine kratom and nicotine?

Every day, kratom users especially those experienced in using the product, are looking for better ways to enhance the effects of kratom. However, some combinations result in dangerous effects.

Since kratom has a unique chemical profile, the compounds may react differently from other substances. This is why kratom experts do not encourage using organic products along with other substances.

Nicotine and Kratom

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Many people use kratom and nicotine together without incident, however, there are certain potential hazards to be aware of. If you are not careful, the stimulating effects of kratom with nicotine can raise your risk of having negative effects.

Using kratom in conjunction with nicotine has the potential to cause serious negative effects, which we will examine in detail in this piece.

What is Nicotine?

Nicotine is classified as a chiral alkaloid based on its chemical structure. All kinds of creatures, including plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria, are capable of producing alkaloids naturally. Tobacco contains the most nicotine, although Solanaceae plants, such as eggplant and potato, also contain nicotine in their seeds.

Smoking cigarettes is a popular way for people to get their fix of nicotine. The average smoker in a single puff of tobacco absorbs about 2 mg of nicotine. As a stimulant, nicotine has moderate psychoactive effects.

Mood-lifting (euphoric) effects are common, as are modest analgesic and stimulant effects. Nicotine has a direct effect on the body’s central nervous system, causing this. Smokers may use nicotine as a mood stabilizer, according to some theories. Products like cigarettes, e-cigarettes like Juul and pipe tobacco, as well as snus, all contain nicotine.

What Purposes Do Nicotine’s Endorphins Serve?

In the treatment of nicotine dependence, nicotine is almost exclusively used as a therapeutic supplement. In order to curb or completely stop the habit of smoking, or any other form of nicotine ingestion, most people prefer these supplements.

It might be difficult to quit smoking because of the addictive characteristics of nicotine and the withdrawal symptoms it causes. The use of nicotine delivery systems such as inhalers, gums, dermal gels, patches and is one strategy to keep patients from succumbing to their addiction. Health experts claim that these techniques can boost the chances of stopping smoking by up to 50%.

These nicotine products are made with the goal of preventing users from becoming addicted to the drug. The products, in contrast to cigarettes, give a significantly lower dose of nicotine over a longer period.

However, it is vital to remember that nicotine isn’t completely responsible for smoking’s detrimental effects. Nicotine is not typically considered a carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

What is Kratom?

The fact that kratom is derived from a type of coffee bean surprises most people. In Southeast Asia, residents take kratom leaves for both energy and pain relief. However, a number of nations as well as some states here in the U.S have outlawed the product in recent years because of fears that it could be addictive. However, since there is no scientific proof to suggest that the product is highly addictive, kratom is still supplied to various countries, including the United States. Manufacturers crush the dry leaves of this plant and sell them as a dietary supplement.

This herb can be purchased in Kratom capsules, Kratom powder or Kratom liquid extract form in the United States of America. To make kratom tea or flavor a beverage, some people choose to utilize the powdered version of the substance. For those who prefer the powder form of Kratom, pills are available as well. A wide spectrum of physical and mental disorders can be alleviated by Kratom’s recreational or therapeutic use.

Does Kratom and Nicotine Interact

Side effects from both nicotine and kratom are more likely when taken simultaneously. As you already know, kratom contains chemical compounds like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which are the most active and among the more than 40 alkaloids in kratom. However, these are the two most commonly used. The stimulant effects and possible negative effects of these products are amplified when taken together.

You should take a lesser dose of both kratom and nicotine while using them simultaneously. Anxiety, dizziness, muscle tension, nausea, and sleeplessness, are the most prevalent side effects of this combo. Both pharmaceutical and plant-based stimulants, such as kratom, carry a similar risk of harmful interactions.

Additionally, it’s possible that kratom alkaloids and nicotine are in competition for liver metabolism, causing the effects of both to last longer (both the positive and negative effects).

The CYP cytochrome system, CYP2A6, plays a crucial role in the metabolization of nicotine in the liver. The CYP2A6 enzyme is known to be inhibited by kratom. Consumption could lead to higher levels of both nicotine and the alkaloids found in Kratom, which could lead to an increased risk of addiction.

Is It Safe to Combine Kratom and nicotine?

Kratom’s effects on alertness, attention, and energy can be enhanced by using low doses of the herb. Kratom can have narcotic effects similar to morphine when combined with other medications or alcohol.

Large doses of kratom and nicotine can be harmful since they compete for the same metabolic enzymes.

You should always check with your physician before combining any medications. The amount of nicotine should be reduced when kratom and nicotine are taken together, and the time of day when kratom is taken should be changed.

If used in excessive doses, the combination of these two products could produce severe nausea. In general, those who have tried this combination indicate that the most severe bad effects occur when the products are taken in extremely high amounts. Even at modest doses, combining kratom with nicotine can have harmful consequences, therefore it’s best to avoid it.

Kratom antidepressants may require that you lower the dosage or separate the kratom and nicotine doses by at least two hours.

When taking kratom for the first time, it is best to try the product in small amounts, and then gradually increase your dosage. While using products containing nicotine, it is crucial to be cautious and follow your doctor’s advice.

Do Kratom and Nicotine have a high risk of abuse?

Kratom has a beneficial effect on many people, and they enjoy it. The effects it creates are extremely similar to stimulants and opioids, making this activity easier. Extract of kratom contains kratom chemical components that both bind and trigger certain opioid receptors in the brain.

As mentioned earlier, kratom has two active alkaloids, which include mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. When these two substances link to receptors in the brain, the user experiences an immediate rush of pleasure. Significant relief from pain, euphoria, a general feeling of well-being or happiness, and sleeplessness are just a few of the side effects.

If a person takes large doses of kratom extract, they may experience the same effects as opioids. Small doses of 7-hydroxymitragynine seem to override the mitragynine’s effects, as receptors generally associated with stimulant use are more frequently engaged when smaller doses are used. Thus, it happens. Smaller doses have shown to have a more calming effect on the body and mind, resulting in increased alertness, increased energy levels, and more relaxed social interactions.

No matter how appealing they may appear to others, these effects can have a significant impact on brain chemistry. You could get chemically dependent on it if you take it in large amounts. Detox or withdrawal is the period of time a person experiences after stopping the drug.

Kratom users may have severe withdrawal symptoms when they stop using the stimulant after they have taken their final dose. Users’ brain chemistry can change significantly if they suddenly quit using kratom.

Gender, age, medical history, and present health all have a role in how severe these withdrawal symptoms are for different people. In addition to a general sense of exhaustion and ache, these symptoms might appear as feelings of anxiety, irritation, and even violent conduct. The most common withdrawal symptoms include sleeplessness, a runny nose, and jerky movements that mimic ataxia.

Most individuals are unaware that nicotine can be abused because it is widely accepted in society and people tend to overlook problems with goods containing nicotine when they first occur. The ease with which nicotine products like cigarettes can be obtained by practically anyone raises the risk of abuse.

Smoking withdrawal can be painful and exhausting, accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, headaches, increased sweating, and other unpleasant effects.

Can Kratom help with nicotine withdrawal?

Due to a lack of thorough research on kratom, there is no scientific proof that supports that kratom can help with nicotine withdrawal. However, most users have come out to support these claims.

According to some experienced users who prefer using kratom with potentiators, claim that taking kratom with black pepper reduces the cravings for cigarettes. One user claimed that the kratom and black pepper combo helps him stay for almost 8 hours without feeling the need of smoking. Another chain smoker reported that when he started taking kratom, his nicotine cravings reduced and he prefers the benefits of kratom to nicotine.

According to kratom experts, both kratom and black pepper complement each other and are known to reduce craving intensity as well as frequency.

Another group of kratom users on Reddit claim that taking kratom with lime juice has helped them reduce cigarette smoking cessation instead of expensive nicotine gum. However, health experts claim that the use of nicotine gum is more effective at reducing the desire to smoke.

Reviews of Kratom with Nicotine Use from Kratom Users

There are plethoras of discussion boards where kratom and nicotine users discuss their experiences. There is a wide range of interest in how to eat it safely, and there is a wide range of interest in what the effects are.

Nicotine and painkillers don’t mix well, as anyone who has done their homework on the topic will tell you. The fact that kratom is not an opioid doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have opioid-like qualities.

According to the research, neither kratom nor nicotine has any negative effects. Mixed feelings are expressed on Reddit about the kratom and nicotine combination. As can be seen from the reviews, each reviewer had a unique experience. Some users, while others who experienced vomiting and nausea observed a strong relaxing effect. As a result, deciding whether to give it a shot may seem challenging.

According to other forums, especially new users should not attempt this dangerous concoction. Be on the watch for any unusual conduct after reading these reviews.

Final Thoughts

There is a significant difference in the danger associated with taking nicotine via smoking or through prescribed nicotine supplements. However, this combination is relatively safe in both circumstances.

If you are concerned about side effects from both nicotine and kratom, you may want to avoid combining the two. To avoid dizziness, nausea, headaches, or anxiety, start with a lower dose of both. If you are experiencing problems keeping your intake of either of these chemicals under control, talk to your doctor.


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