Aldermen ban the sale of Kratom in Houston

Houston Aldermen voted unanimously to ban the sale of Kratom inside city limits, recently.

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Houston Aldermen voted unanimously to ban the sale of Kratom inside city limits, recently.

They are the latest in a long string of municipalities and other governing bodies banning the substance, and Houston Police Chief Adam Harmon is the one that brought the idea before them.

“We are having an increase in use of this ZaZa drug and Kratom. It's called 'gas station heroin'. Most other cities have banned it. I have Zane [Thomas] here as well to talk about it with him at the school, he sees a lot of vapes already, but the kids are getting their hands on this stuff. In the last six weeks, we've had an uptick. We had one gentleman that still is not right. He was spending $2,000 a month on this stuff, going to the gas station and buying it, and it has affected his mind. He is a very good person, and it has ruined his family. It's happening everywhere.”

Chief Harmon shared one particular example that is equal parts sad and disgusting.

“Let me tell you how sever this one person was, it's gross, but this guy was eating his own feces for three days, at the jail. Three days, that's how severe these things are.”

The aldermen voiced their opinions as well.

“We need to stop this now,” said Ward 2 Alderlady Shenia K. Jones.

She made a motion to begin the process of enacting the ordinance that would ban the sale of the substances.

While it will be a process, they want to try and get it off of shelves as soon as possible.

Harmon said that he can ask the stores that have it to contact the vendors to let them know that the sale is being banned and see about getting reimbursed for the product they have.

Source: Chickasaw Journal


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