Kratom in Louisiana – Latest Legality News

Stay up to date with the latest Kratom trends in Louisiana! Explore the constantly changing legality status, regulations, and where to buy Kratom in Louisiana. Discover the most popular Kratom strains and stay informed about the ever-evolving Kratom community in Louisiana.
kratom and adderall - kratomlords news

Kratom And Adderall – Should They Be Used Together?

Kratom and Adderall are quite comparable in the sense that they both function as stimulants and have effects on the brain. Should They Be Used Together?
3 things to know about red vein maeng da kratom

3 Things You Need To Know About Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom

Many people who have used Maeng da kratom report experiencing various benefits, including a soothing effect, energy, mental clarity, and pain relief. Unfortunately, there has been little research on the potential side effects of using Kratom, and there is still a lot of misinformation circulating on the internet regarding the plant.
Natural herb kratom may have therapeutic effects

Natural herb Kratom may have therapeutic effects

Natural herb kratom may have therapeutic effects and relatively low potential for abuse or harm, according to a user survey. Researchers say findings underscore need for research and regulation, but not an outright ban on sales.
NJ senators seek to regulate kratom

New Jersey Senators Seek to Regulate Kratom Sale

A new bill in NJ proposes regulations for the sale of kratom, a currently-unregulated herbal supplement, and warns of its potential dangers. Two senators seek to regulate the sale of kratom and make sure New Jersey retailers label it properly.
florida house passes kratom consumer protection act

Florida House Passes Kratom Consumer Protection Act

Florida is set to regulate the sale of kratom with the passing of the "Kratom Consumer Protection Act." Violators of the age restriction will face penalties. Proponents argue that it is a safer alternative to harmful substances such as alcohol, but critics are concerned about its addictive nature.