Kratom in Louisiana – Latest Legality News

Stay up to date with the latest Kratom trends in Louisiana! Explore the constantly changing legality status, regulations, and where to buy Kratom in Louisiana. Discover the most popular Kratom strains and stay informed about the ever-evolving Kratom community in Louisiana.
Key kratom questions and answers

Key Kratom Questions and Answers

Kratom has been the subject of controversy in recent years, with conflicting opinions about its safety, legality, and efficacy. As a result, many people are left with unanswered questions about this plant and its potential benefits or risks. To shed light on this topic, check out this article where you can find the compilation of the key questions and answers about kratom.
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The Federal Kratom Consumer Protection Act was filed in both Houses of Congress. While it will need to be refiled next session, this creates massive momentum for consumer protection, and it shows the bureaucratic opponents of kratom that our community is committed to ensuring science dictates kratom policy.

Kratom in Pennsylvania – Lawmakers’ latest concern

Among legislation Pennsylvania lawmakers will consider when they return to Harrisburg for voting sessions after an absence of more than two months is regulation of a plant-based substance that can produce opioid- and stimulant-like effects.

Why try to make you a criminal?

The past six months we've seen an increase in the variety and volume of attacks on kratom consumers from all over America. The worst part has been an increase in rhetoric and attempts to criminalize kratom possession and consumption!

Testimonials From Everyday Kratom Users

The American Kratom Association advocates to protect kratom consumers and their right to use kratom for the purposes of improved health and well being. Watch and see why Americans like Amy, David, Michael and millions of others care so much about protecting kratom access.