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Petition to Commissioner Califf: Meet with the AKA & Ensure FDA Tells Americans the Truth.

The AKA is once again requesting a meeting with the FDA Commissioner and wants Americans to get the truth; not the same bureaucratic policy and misinformation that has helped fuel the overdose crisis in America.

Keep Kratom Legal - Sign the Petition

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Letter from Mac Haddow

I was just standing in the boarding line to get on an airplane and I got a call from a personal contact at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services about the FDA’s latest attacks on kratom.

In short, the FDA is going to dramatically expand their anti-kratom campaign.

The career staff at the FDA were thrilled when Governor Parson in Missouri vetoed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act — and they were bragging that it only took a call with the Governor’s staff to tell them kratom was illegal at the federal level for him to veto it.

They told a bald-faced lie, and they know it.

They hung the lie on the import alert on kratom that makes all kratom coming from Southeast Asia technically illegal, and former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb’s claim kratom contains opioid compounds.

They are wrong!

I am writing because I need your help, and I need it fast.

In the next couple of days AKA Chairman Matt Salmon and I will sit down with our legal team to see what we can do to push back on the FDA import alerts, and the lies they are telling about kratom being an illegal opioid.

It will be an expensive fight as always, and I desperately need your help with any donation you can afford right now.

Second, I need you to sign your name on the “FDA Tell the Truth Petition” that I want to deliver to current FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf. We need Dr. Califf to know how the career staff at the FDA are thumbing their noses at the laws that require them to tell the truth about public health policy, and we need him to know that the FDA policy on kratom is WRONG!

Will you join me?

Please click the Donate Now button and donate as much as you can afford to give right now so we can take the fight to them.

And do not forget to click and share the “Sign the Petition” link below to add your voice to send a powerful message to Dr. Califf.

Thank you for your strong support for our cause to keep kratom legal in America.

And thank you, Chris for all you have done personally to protect kratom consumers.

I am deeply grateful.


Mac Haddow
Senior Fellow on Public Policy

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Kratom Consumers Across America Are Under Attack! The American Kratom Association works to protect access to safe kratom through our constant legislative efforts and consumer advocacy. However this vital work could not be done without the generous contributions of supporters like you!


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