I am no monster, and neither are you!

Kratom Lords directly brings you the latest from Mac Haddow (Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the American Kratom Association)

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Kratom Lords directly brings you the latest from Mac Haddow (Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the American Kratom Association)

Fellow Kratom Warrior:

I am writing to ask for your help – and believe me, we need that help right away. Last night, I was sitting in the Atlanta Airport when I learned my connecting flight home was canceled so I was going to have to spend the night in the airport. So, I opened my laptop to check emails and I saw the following messages from an off-the-wall anti-kratom zealot (image).

Sorry for the graphic language, but it was hers, not mine. I was personally overwhelmed with a sense of frustration and helplessness.

It’s not just that this kind of vicious attack is unfair and repulsive, it is the same kind of message that is being sent to state legislators who sponsor the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) across the country.

Mac Haddow Latest - American Kratom Association

These hateful messages are having an impact on our fight to protect kratom, and that is why I am writing for your help.

But trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I had just left meetings with the sponsor of a kratom ban in Kentucky and everything he knew about kratom was from the talking points of the FDA.

Bans have now been proposed in New Jersey, Mississippi, Washington, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. The Nevada Board of Pharmacy and the Alaska Board also have pending ban recommendations.

And just yesterday a new ban was introduced in West Virginia. Anti-kratom forces are trying their very best to divide and conquer us.

In Wisconsin, the bill to repeal the current ban and replace it with the KCPA was passed on a 9-2 vote of the State Affairs Committee and is supposed to be up for a vote on the House Floor sometime this coming week.

Image from Mac Haddow twitter profile - @haddowmac

Four law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin sent a letter to the Legislature that was full of distortions, deliberately twisted facts, and outright lies. The letter claims, among other lies, that:

  • The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) agrees with the FDA that kratom should be scheduled – THAT IS NOT TRUE AND THEY KNOW IT!
  • Kratom use has been linked to psychic episodes, overdose deaths, and abuse of other drugs – THAT IS COMPLETELY UNTRUE!
  • The FDA notes that kratom “affect the same opioid brain receptors as morphine, appears to have properties that expose users to the risks of addiction, abuse, and dependence” – THAT IS A DISTORTION OF THE TRUTH AND BASED ON OUTDATED RESEARCH!


The really good news is that when we can get in front of legislators – including sponsors of kratom bans – we can persuade them to drop the bans and, in many cases, switch to sponsoring the KCPA.

But the key is getting in front to them. That takes a lot of time and money, and that’s where we desperately need your help.

Will you please dig as deep as you can and send a contribution – NO, I am going to call it an investment – so we can keep kratom legal?

Click and donate to make your INVESTMENT IN KRATOM’S FUTURE:

I’m sorry for having to reach out to ask for your help, but we need as much help as you can give.

With your help, we will win this fight.

Please send your most generous contribution that you can afford.


And I will fight to protect the right of my grandchildren – and all of your family – to purchase safe kratom products.

Thank you,

Senior Fellow on Public Policy
American Kratom Association

Source: American Kratom Association


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