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The AKA is working hard in states across America to pass Kratom Consumer Protection Acts and stop bans like those in Kentucky and Washington State. 

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The AKA is working hard in states across America to pass Kratom Consumer Protection Acts and stop bans like those in Kentucky and Washington State.

Join us this Thursday for our comprehensive state legislative update webinar on kratom in your state, ask questions, and find out how to protect kratom in America!


Florida KCPA Senate Hearing

From AKA's Senior Fellow on Public Policy Mac Haddow:

"I had the honor of testifying before the Florida Senate Committee on Commerce & Tourism on SB 1076, the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, on Tuesday, January 18. Prior to the Hearing we had the opportunity to share the kratom story with a number of members, and the Committee voted unanimously to pass the KCPA with a favorable recommendation.

There are two more Committee Hearings on the Senate side before the KCPA goes to the House, but this was an outstanding start in getting needed consumer protections for kratom consumers in Florida. Thanks to all the Kratom Protectors who are working hard to support the KCPA."

Florida KCPA Update

AKA West Virginia Meeting

Register to meet with WV Senator

The AKA has asked for a meeting with Senator Joe Manchin to discuss kratom, and we would like all West Virginia kratom protectors to join!

  • We do not have a date or time set yet, but after you sign-up we will contact you with registration details
  • Please sign up below and provide a brief statement on your experience with kratom and how important it is to protect kratom in West Virginia. We will then provide these testimonials to the Senator and his legislative staff

AKA help stop kratom bans

Thank you for your donations!

With your support the AKA is working hard to pass KCPA legislation in Florida and just as hard to stop potential bans across America like new proposed bans in Washington State and Kentucky.

Not donated yet? Contribute today to help efforts to stop these bans and enact Kratom Consumer Protection Acts!


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