American Kratom Association - Advocacy Certification Training

Special interactive Kratom advocacy certification web sessions with American Kratom Association compiled material after their work with Federal and State advocacy experts.

Advocacy Certification Training

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The American Kratom Association (AKA) invited you to attend an inaugural session of their advocacy certification training.

Since 2016, the AKA has provided toolkits, held hundreds of advocacy training, and sent thousands of messages about kratom advocacy. However, they provided special interactive advocacy certification web sessions with the material they've compiled after working with Federal and State advocacy experts.

Upon completion, each participant was mailed a signed certificate, as well as new AKA advocacy stickers to help raise awareness and encourage others to be involved.

Keep Kratom Legal - Sign the Petition

Keep Kratom Legal - Sign the Petition

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American Kratom Protectors

American Kratom Protectors Program

Be Ready to Help in Your State

Make sure your signed-up for the American Kratom Protectors program by sharing your state and Congressional District. Whenever there is new kratom legislation, we rely on your advocacy to help protect kratom. Your personal stories and testimonials make the difference!


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