AKA Webinar: Jim Carroll and John Shinholser Talk About Substance Use Policy and Rehab

Missed the webinar on the 29th? Watch former White House Drug Czar Jim Carroll and President of The McShin Foundation John Shinholser, and you can ask them any question about US drug policy, recovery centers, kratom legislations, and hear about amazing experiences from their impressive career

AKA Webinar: Jim Carroll and John Shinholser Talk About Drug Use Policy and Rehab

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Jim Carroll, the former White House Drug Czar, and John Shinholser, the President of The McShin Foundation, co-hosted a special “Ask Us Anything” webinar with the AKA. They shared some amazing experiences, talked about US drug policy and rehabilitation work, and most importantly, they were available to answer any questions that the audience might have had.

These were two individuals with amazing careers who were a pleasure to interact with and listen to. Watch the webinar

Watch Conversation on US Drug Policy & Kratom

Mac Haddow and Jim Carroll sat down at the National Conference of State Legislatures and spoke candidly about the history of US policy towards kratom, the need for consumer protection, and why saving lives should come first in policy making!

Know a group in your area that’s active in kratom protection?

Kratom Protectors - Veterans Event

Photo: protectkratom.org

As you may have seen from social media, the AKA legislative team was in Las Vegas, Nevada last week (“Excessive Heat Warning” has never been more of an understatement.)

During the visit it was an honor recognize the Forgotten Not Gone non-profit for their work to prevent veteran suicides, and their advocacy efforts to prevent kratom criminalization in Nevada and nationally. A full video of the event will be released on AKA’s YouTube Channel soon so be sure you’re subscribed.

Let them know if there’s a group the AKA team should work with to help amplify their message and help protect kratom consumers. The American Kratom Association – Protect Kratom

Source: The American Kratom Association

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